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Re: dead end slab control joint

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IMHO concrete is smarter than we are.  I've seen cracks only a couple of inches away from, and parallel to, a control joint.  Who knows?  I suspect that if the "control joint" isn't a complete cut through the full depth of the slab the crack will continue through the "T."

Good luck!

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA USA

In a message dated 6/16/07 12:16:06 PM, mpuccio(--nospam--at) writes:
Is it wrong to detail a control joint to come to a “T”? I have a floor with geometry such that when I layout the control joint spacing it would work out good if this is okay or will the crack continue thru the T? I can’t find any documentation one way or the other on this. I guess a safe thing to do would be to angle the cut or cut full depth – but I am wondering what some of your thoughts and experiences are.
Mark L. Puccio P.E., S.E.

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