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RE: dead end slab control joint

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In general, yes, it is wrong. I would only terminate a control joint at an expansion joint. Keep in mind that concrete will try to shrink to the center of the section of slab. If constrained, it can not shrink to the center, and it will shrink and form its own joints.

Dead ending a slab control joint will result in a stress riser at the termination. This will become a point of generation of shrinkage cracks.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: dead end slab control joint
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2007 14:14:56 -0500

Is it wrong to detail a control joint to come to a "T"? I have a floor with
geometry such that when I layout the control joint spacing it would work out good if this is okay or will the crack continue thru the T? I can't find any documentation one way or the other on this. I guess a safe thing to do would be to angle the cut or cut full depth - but I am wondering what some of your
thoughts and experiences are.


Mark L. Puccio P.E., S.E.

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