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Re: Opinions on "Multiframe"

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I used MultiFrame on & off for  since 1994 or so. 

I started with it  when it was only Mac based but I was a Mac user then & the company I consulted for was all Mac based as well.

It was (is) a great little code (I still think of it as an easy to use Mac widget, that ran on a "toaster Mac")

Learning how to use it is VERY simple.  

I even contacted the company back in the 90's about their plans for the  PC platform since I thought it would be a great matrix methods learning platform.  I tried to get the prof who taught matrix methods to use it when they finally went PC but he was a hard core "let the students program it themselves" kind of guy.  Even though IMO Multiframe would have been an excellent adjunct.

I don't what it costs today & I don't know what you are wanting it to do but like I said its a great code, easy to learn & use.  I can throw a small model together in a few minutes & do all sorts of  configuration iterations quickly & easily.

The plotting of deflected shape, member stresses & forces are (again) easy to use. & (at least to me) very useful.

It has new features like code checks but don't use them.

I'm used to it & it does what I need done.

I have former students who use Multiframe at their firms & love it. 
I have other students who use RISA & love it......two former students work for RISA.  :)

Oh, Multiframe also does Modal (frequency & mode shapes)  I've checked the analysis with simple laboratory models (experimentally) & the results were good.

I suggest you download (if you haven't) the demo & give it a test drive.


On 6/18/07, Mark Johnson < markajohn(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Anyone have experience/opinions on a FEA program
called Multiframe?  Good or otherwise?


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