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Lag bolt removal and reinstallation

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I'm involved with a project where the length of some lag bolts is in question. They are intended to be 5/8x5". In a couple places it has been determined that 4" bolts were used, to avoid interference with other hardware. The contractor wants to remove some at other locations, measure them and reinstall them to show that 5" bolts were typically used. A question has arisen about whether the reinstalled bolts are good and whether they have their full strength. These particular bolts are loaded in shear. Seems to me that with careful reinstallation, the bolts would just run back into the original threads and work just fine, although there might be some minor wood fiber disruption at the threads, depending on the roughness of the bolt threads. But I don't know of any literature addressing the issue. I've sent an inquiry to AFPA a few days ago, but so far the only responses have had to do with pulse echo, xray and such nonremoval methods, and how they may not work well with threaded, pointed lag bolts. Do any of you have any experience with this?

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