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RE: electronic signature

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Hi Mark, so you are not sure we can extrapolate the CBC provisions granting
the BO higher authority to the BORPELS rules, I don't know either, but that
is sort of what I am wondering here.

Why does every plan check I get require a wet stamp/sign, when that is not
legally required and an electronic one is acceptable?  It's not like this
rule is new.  

When is the last time you saw a wet sign on truss calcs?  I can't remember,
it doesn't happen often at all. I wonder why it is ok for them...most of the
time their signatures look like a grainy crayon tracing.  

I have started attaching this page to my plan check responses...who knows.


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I think a building official _can_ require that if he chooses. A municipality
can enforce more stringent _building standards_ than required by the State.
I am not sure if the same principle applies to BORPELS rules though.

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> Fellow CA Engineers,
> Section 411, e) of the California board rules states:  ".The 
> signature may be applied to the documents electronically."  - 
> in reference to signing your seal on plans and calculations.  
> My question is:  Can building officials over rule this 
> section of state code and disallow this, or does this code 
> apply at all times?
> If you want to look at the entire section, you can download it here:
> Thanks,
> Truitt Vance, P.E.

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