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Re: YouTube-Gate

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Attention   SEAOIT members
Just in case you are aware of the breaking   TUBE-GATE   story  I forward this message  from
Not much on this subject yet from the engineering associations save   IEEE-USA
Bob Johnson
contributor to
  In a message dated 6/25/07 12:34:34 A.M. Central Daylight Time, newslist(--nospam--at) writes:

Activists and software professionals,

Thanks for your support this last week, and welcome to the dozens of new subscribers. Please forward this message to your personal contacts.

For those under age 40, "YouTube-Gate" is a twist on the Watergate scandal that brought down President Nixon. Our objective is that Congress end these H-1b, PERM, and related employment-based immigration scandals by revising the statutes to provide true protection for U.S. workers.

Our five-minute YouTube of an immigration seminar (also links to Lou Dobbs segment) by the law firm of Cohen & Grigsby has received over 80,000 hits on YouTube, and resulted in major media coverage. The video prompted Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Lamar Smith to write a letter to Labor Secretary Elaine Chao to investigate whether U.S. companies are abusing the H-1B visa program.


Today we documented that three of the eight IT classified ads in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review today are suspect fake PERM ads. (We need a hard-copy of the June 24th Philadelphia Daily News - can anyone obtain a copy?) We also expose the Cohen & Grigsby client companies that are running the fake job ads. The client with the most H-1b processing is foreign outsourcing firm Hexaware. These H-1bs harm the U.S. economy by facilitating the transfer of U.S. jobs and technology overseas. And Congress has an obligation to suspend laws that harm our country.

Prevailing wage? In their second video Cohen & Grigsby cite the "prevailing wage" requirement of H-1b. The majority of H-1b programmers use the Level One prevailing wage. The Level One prevailing wage for Lawyer in Philadelphia is $24.75 per hour! I doubt that the attorneys in the video would contend that wage would protect them from displacement.


This website is one of many that allows you to download YouTube videos. (This is how we grabbed these training videos before the law firm removed them.)



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