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Thanks for the update, Don. I've toyed with the idea of Revit Structure, but the cost of it (and AutoCAD, for that matter) and the "need to fully model" aspect of the package has me leery that I can make the economics work. I do a lot of very small projects, and a few small to medium projects - and probably 80% is remodeling/renovation work. I'm acutely aware that a 3D representation would be tremendously useful in certain cases, but the economy on small jobs using 2D seems to out weigh those headaches. In fact, facing a potential purchase of two additional seats of AutoCAD in the next couple of months has pushed me to evaluate AutoCAD LT. IT turns our that LT of today compares very favorably to the AutoCAD of 200(4/6) which our workflow is based around. I'm quite tempted to sell the ADT (excuse me, "Architecture")software I have to fund the purchase of licenses for an all-LT shop and an office pizza party.


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