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RE: 2006 IBC Seismic Map CD

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There’s also another website that allows the user to automatically enter the address and converts it to the spectral acceleration values versus the java application where you must use the zip code or actually know the lat/long:


It’s based on the 2002 maps, which is what the 2006 IBC has adopted.


John Atilano, P.E.

Tulare, CA 


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Subject: RE: 2006 IBC Seismic Map CD


I'd just go to the website the list instead;  >From there, if you go to the link for Seismic Design Values for Buildings about half-way down the page, there is a link to the Java Ground Motion Parameter Calculator - Version 5.0.7 which is essentially the same program.  You need to have Java installed to run it, but there is also a link to the Sun website to install that if need be.


I guess they like to make it as complicated as possible.

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Subject: 2006 IBC Seismic Map CD

Good morning,


The 2006 IBC refers to a CD by Leyendecker, Frankel, and Rukstales for determination of seismic design parameters.  I have a 2000 IBC version of that CD, and it is very helpful. 


Is the newer (apparently, 2004) version of that CD any different from the 2000 version? 

How can I get that newer CD?




V. Steve Gordin, SE
Irvine CA