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Last time I spoke to my ADesk rep about this sort of thing, I got the distinct impression of, “Why are you asking me this?” coming through the phone; that bespeaking a sort of informal “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy in regard to where the old software goes. (which all will, I expect, firmly and assuredly deny if asked).  But back in the day, say, V11 or V12 of ACAD, they used to make you turn in the old software disks prior to getting the new one.  That stopped at V13 or V14. So, what does that tell you?


So, while they profess immaculate governance over all their software, the truth seems to be that older versions aren’t worth the effort to police. 


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Autodesk will allow you to transfer the license if you can prove to them that you are selling the license along with your entire business under a change of ownership.

This policy seems pretty unreasonable to me since the software license should be transferable as a valuable investment asset of the company.

It just might not stand up in court if anyone bothered to challenge it…but since you agreed to it when you bought the software…


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