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Include VectorWorks in that too ...

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng, MIStructE, Struct Eng
Victoria, BC

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I suppose that it is possible to modify AutoCAD Architecture 2008 to become
a BIM s............................................

I don't see the advantage to REVIT other than it creates very nice 3D views
supposedly as it actually looks, but in reality, I don't detail in 3D - I
detail in 2D so that it is very clear as to what I want constructed. 3D
helps me to identify conflicts in elevation where members converge off their
mark. In many cases the designer does not consider the needed space for
structural members and this becomes clear in 3D since you can show your
client how two roofs may or may not converge properly.

I also think we should be spending more time creating professional standards
to simplify the cross-platform compatibility between offices. This is
difficult, but if we don't work on then then it does not matter how uses
REVIT, AutoCAD, DataCAD, or any of the many CAD packages out there. The
negative side to all of this is the failure of Autodesk to accept a DWG
standard since they attempt to create a proprietary change with each years
new version. The DWG Alliance is failing since they were sued by Autodesk
who won the suit to protect their DWG format in court. I think this is a
setback for the Architecture and Engineering professions. We will all have
our favorite tools, but without a standard, our jobs become more complicated
working with new clients using different versions of the same or various
other CAD packages. DXF is not a standard that is worthwhile. Autodesk has
little to fear from allowing DWG to become a cross-platform standard since
the future of the software lies in the creation of new productivity tools
rather than protecting a drawing standard.

My $0.02 worth.

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