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Strength Design of Masonry Wall (per UBC)

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I would like a confirmation that I’m looking at out of plane shear strength correctly.


Wall thickness = 8 in. (nominal)

Solid Grouted

F’m = 1,500 psi

b=12 in.

d=5.25 in.

Ae=91.2 in2 (from the equivalent solid thickness)

#6 bars at 8”

Temp. & Shrinkage horizontal steel


Mu/Vud >1, Cd=1.2, Vm(max)=63CdAe=63(1.2)(91.2)=6,895 lbs.

Vm=CdAe√F’m)=(1.2)(91.2)√(1,500)=4,239 lbs. < 6,895 lbs.

Vs = 0 since ρn = 0 (no shear reinforcement)

Vn = 4,239 lbs.

φv = 0.6

φv Vn = (0.6)(4,239) = 2,543 lbs.


Is this right?


If so, shear is limiting my design using strength design and it didn’t come anywhere close using working stress design.




T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E.


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