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The scanned images -See it to believe it.

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I sent the image files to all who asked, with the following mail which I am reproducing.
See the attached image files.
First Image:
I drew the W section and asked for the top flange view.
You can see what he drew.
I spent much time trying to figure out just how he arrived at that shape.
He took five minutes to do it while I just watched in stunned silence.
I still haven't been able to follow his geometric reasoning.
Have you?
Second image:
I drew the cantilever beam.
He drew the Bending Moment diagram and Shear force diagram.
Again I tried to understand his mind and have so far failed to see how he could possibly come up with this shape.
The guy is fresh from college and has an engineering degree. He is not a person with an Industrial training certificate. Even diploma holders can draw a simple triangle which I expected him to draw for the BMD and a rectangle for the SFD.
Back in the sixties and seventies, we  would have considered questions like these as insults to our intelligence and would have been glad to walk out of the interview.
Mind you, he is not one of those who left behind theory and academics  and worked at construction sites for  a few years before trying to get back into a design office. Such people invariably tell me frankly that they will not be able to answer and don't even attempt it.
His inability to convert 15'-5 1/4" into meters even after repeatedly tapping the keys on his calculator and clearing the screen and retrying  saddened me. I felt sorry for the fellow. I tried hinting.
"How many inches are there in a foot?" I asked hoping to set him on the right path.
His answer made me lose all hope.
I can see no extenuating circumstance in his favor.
True, we all use metric units today in India. But every one is familiar with feet and inches.
We still talk of a man's height in feet and inches, never in cms and millimeters.
All these young men are obsessed with the length of their organs. They always feel it is too short and secretly desire an inch more than what they are already endowed with. They definitely know how much an inch is. Ask them the vital statistics of their favorite actress, They will reel it out perfectly in inches. Even today, the plastic scale they use everyday in school is graduated in millimeters and centimeters along one edge and in inches and fractions of inches along the other edge. Ask them the size of the rooms in their house or the dimensions of a plot of land they all hope to buy some day to build their dream house. They will come up with the answer in feet. Many builders and suppliers of building materials still quote rates in Rupees per square foot. While no one uses pounds or ounces or gallons  here,  feet and inches are  still popular and I simply cannot excuse his ignorance of what a feet and inch are.
This is the quality of some fresh engineers coming out of our engineering colleges today.
I hope the world of medicine is better. and that the young medical pups can distinguish between testicles and kidneys.
I hadn't discussed this with any one at home lastnight. But before switching off the light in my bedroom last night, I turned to my wife lying by my side and suddenly sprang  the question, "How many inches are there in a foot? .  "Why , 12 inches of course. Why are you asking ?"
"Nothing, never mind", I muttered and curled up to go to sleep and switched off my bed lamp with the memory of her curious and quizzical look still in my mind as I tried to sleep .
Loyalty to the engineering profession prevented me from narrating the story. What will wives think of engineers? Let them continue to believe in our greatness.
Sorry for this rant.
Just had to vent.

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