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RE: Banging bolts

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Something similar could have happened.  In otherwords, some structural, load bearing item could have "slipped" into place when loaded and that could have caused the sound.  That is basically what is happening with the "banging bolts"...the bolts are tightened enough that they have some slip resistance and the construction loads may not get large enough to cause that slip resistance to be over come.  That may only happen once the building is occupied and more load is in place.  When the slip resistance is over come, the bolts will slide down into bearing and the contact with the bearing surface causes the sound.
It is kind a lot like a squeeky floor in wood construction.  The nails don't fully draw down the sheathing, but when more load is placed on the sheathing (i.e. you step on it), it will flex down.  And as it flexes down, the nail shank rubs and causes the squeek.
Adrian, MI
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Subject: Banging bolts

Hi Bill:


Does this also occur in wood construction?


Had a project, with exterior masonry walls, wood floor and roof joists in Mesa, Arizona,  that had a loud bang toward the end of construction.  Could this be the reason?



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