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Re: Document Control Systems - Suggestions Requested

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The need to have things on paper (i.e. email) is pretty key if you have a proprietary email system . I use Thunderbird, for the office standard client, and am considering moving the data files to the network for ease of backup (easy with one person, harder with two, 4 is looking to be too much hassle). Thunderbird, which is free (speech and beer) and quite good, stores all files in uncompressed text format, and can be reviewed and searched with any text editor, including full headers, should Thunderbird magically disappear from the world. Still, I do print a paper or separate PDF copy, as I'm trying to go fully digital for the archive) of anything really critical.


Daryl Richardson wrote:

I wasn't going to respond to this line but you've written something which got hold of me.

You should keep electronic material such as e-mails and input data files ON PAPER!! When you change computers or software the old electronic material is not always retrievable; a paper copy is.


H. Daryl Richardson

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