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Vish responds to Prabhu on the subject of Disastrous interview

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Reference: The following post from Prabhu
Vish must b a great joker he narrated story very well to turn attention towards him or it may be his real time exp while he searching for job... also i heard he didnt he go to college...he came all the way from bloke dad. Never try to under estimate indian education system.

My Dear Prabhu,
Extract from your mail.
My response.
Vish must b a great joker he narrated story very well
Thank you for this great compliment. Making people laugh is not an easily acquired skill.
But this mail was not intended to be a joke at the expense of the Indian education system.
More of this further below.
to turn attention towards him
You have done more to turn attention towards me by penning that mail.
This response is going to be read with even greater interest by everyone on this list.
Without your mail the subject would have been out of everyone's mind by now.
Thank you for some more free publicity for me at the International level.
To what do I owe this generosity on your part?
or it may be his real time exp while he searching for job..
Yes it was a real time experience of course.
But not while I searched for a job.
I don't have to.
I give jobs now.
Do you want one?
Please feel free to come over and meet me and I sincerely trust your performance will be better than the performance of this candidate I spoke about. If you come, and agree to be interviewed by me, I promise not to disclose details of how you did.
also i heard he didnt he go to college..
You hear fascinating stories.
Who is this "little birdie" who gave you this choice bit of gossip?
Was it an "informed source", or "unimpeachable source", as cliche goes, who leaked this information into your greedy ears?
Be informed that I went to BITS - Pilani and graduated with distinction in Civil engineering in 1972. I further studied at  University of Roorkee and got my Master's degree in Structural engineering with a first class in 1974 . While these names may not mean much to my friends abroad, they are among the leading and most presitigious institutes of higher learning in India and I am sure they are enough to establish my educational credentials to all Indians reading this. I will blow my educational trumpet no further. I now invite you to blow yours. Which school or college did you go to?
.he came all the way from bloke dad.
Now, you have me truly  stumped.
What is that sentence supposed to mean?
I will await a translation of your statement into the English language that I learned in school and college.
In the meantime let me guess.
Is "bloke dad" the name of a place? Where is it on the map of India?
Since you raised it, please be informed that I  hail from the city of Mumbai(formerly called BOMBAY) and am proud of it and now live in Bangalore and am proud of it too.
These are places of international fame.
By the way, where do you come from?
If you intend to announce that my "Dad" was "broke", let me educate you.
At the age of 86, he is leading a great retired life with reasonably good health, and is economically on firm and sound foundation and needs no financial support from any of his  sons. I am proud of him. I wish and hope that your Dad is as great a man as my Dad is.
I also hope that this does not degenerate into a "My dad can lick your dad" kind of debate. Let's keep our respected fathers out this ? Okay?
Never try to under estimate indian education system.
This is the only point in your mail that needs a serious response.
The rest has been mere entertainment for me and hopefully my reputation for being a joker will be further enhanced  by my replies to your malicious and baseless charges.
The Indian education system was never the issue here.
Be assured that I am myself a product of the same great educational system.
My anguish was directed at the failure of this candidate, who claimed to be a first class engineering graduate and could not measure up to even high school level in his interview. What I disclosed was just a portion of my experience. I did not want to fan the flames further and give a detailed account of the entire interview. I will protect his identity and will never reveal the place he came from or the college he studied in. Why give the institute a bad name? I am sure he was not a good student. Or else his performance would not have been so disastrous.
If you feel that this post of mine will invite bias against the quality of Indian detailers, be assured that our quality and abilities are already well established. The very fact that more and more detailing work is pouring in proves this point.
The products of the Indian education system are already on display in USA. So many of our boys and girls go to USA on merit and do extremely well there. My own son, a product of the Indian education system, is now a Rhodes Scholar and will be off to Oxford University shortly. Does any one need any further assurance?
I feel that, on the contrary, my post will assure all American customers about our serious concern for quality so that we give our best to them.
Are you satisfied now?
The problem is not just Indian. It is global. I have received private mails from several American   and Canadian friends(and also one from Peru)  who are as distressed about this situation as I am and share my concerns.
They too are disappointed at the quality of some of graduates who are coming out of the universities today.  To prevent this response from becoming longer than it already is, I am not quoting them. If you or any one is interested in reading some of the private responses that I have received on this subject, mail me privately and I will compile a digest on this and circulate it after editing out their names for confidentiality.
You will appreciate my position better if and when, one day in the future you become an employer yourself and are faced with the task of selecting a good person who can do a good job.
Last but not the least, let me assure you that there are no hard feelings at my end.
It is unfortunate that my post has distressed you and you wrote a mail that could easily offend any one else but me. You are obviously young and hot blooded. I am old (57 ) and can take things like this in my stride.
Do let me know where you live, what you do, where you work,  and if possible let us meet. I assure you, that this encounter with you in Cyber space will not prejudice me in any way and a warm welcome awaits you at my office if you choose to make friends with me instead of publicly slamming me on this international list. Not that it matters to me. I have faced tougher battles in life than this. I wish you the same strength to face these battles in future.
G Vishwanath
HI-Q Design & Detailing Pvt Ltd.

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