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Re: Document Control Systems - Suggestions Requested

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Is this proprietary software?
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Sent: Wednesday, July 04, 2007 9:36 AM
Subject: Document Control Systems - Suggestions Requested

We file everything electronically; final documents and paper documents are scanned, electronic documents (DOC/XLS/DWG/email) are stored in the same location.  They are stored in a project management program which uses standard windows folders to sort the documents into simple directories such as "Correspondence","Quotes","Project Documents","Calculations","Sealed Documents". 
Since so much is done electronically we have developed a simple an universal revision tracking system where each file is given a date suffix (example: "Filename 2007-07-04.DOC") when it is placed in the project manager.  The suffixes are created automatically by commands in the Windows OS. 
Before making revisions to any electronic document, a copy of the file is made and the date suffix updated to the current date, the old version is placed in a "history" folder to maintain a complete revision record.  This systems is used for all documents whether generated internally or externally.  The revision tracking system was devised to meet ISO accreditation requirements.
Our philosophy: start filing when the project starts--not at the end.  Our the filing starts when the first quote is written.  All working documents are maintained in the project manger throughout the project to facilitate information exchange between different departments.  Paper/print documents are bound together with a "job sheet" that outlines basic project parameters and the ever so important job number.


Eric Tompos, PE, SE