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Re: Disastrous Interview

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Please mail me what he has drawn.

On 02/07/07, G Vishwanath <gvshwnth(--nospam--at)> wrote:
A young pup met me today.
He was a fresh Civil engineering graduate from a local Engineering college.
First Class to boot.
Claimed to know Autocad well.
I interviewed him for a an entry level position.
My Question:
His Answer.
I pointed to a dimension in an E dwg which read 15' -5 1/4" and asked him now many meters that was and gave him a calculator.
He fumbled with the keys for over a minute and came up with 15.6 meters.
To help him correct himself, I than asked him how many inches there were in a foot.
"I don't know sir, we have always used SI units in college."
I drew the cross section of a W  section and asked him to draw the plan  view looking from above  at the top flange.
All curious cats can mail me privately for a scanned image file of what he drew in response.
You will be simply amazed. I wish I could sketch it right here.
I drew a simple cantilever beam with a point load at the end of the span and asked him to draw the Bending moment diagram.
The shape he drew was absolutely fascinating.
Mail me privately for his Nobel prize winning discovery of how the bending moment varies now in the year 2007 and compare it with how  it used to do back in the sixties when I studied Strength of materials.
To cut a long story short: I asked him to join a local political party and told him he had a bright future. Definitely brighter than ours. I also told him he would make more money in life not doing any detailing. I think I am right. Do you agree?
I am waiting for the next pup to show up. Stay tuned.
Oh God in Heaven! What is happening to Civil engineering education?

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