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RE: Disastrous Interview

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Jim Lutz said:

> There is way more to learn nowadays than there was when I was a student.

Being a younger member of the community, I always have to bite my tongue
whenever these discussions come up on the current state of engineering
schools and the proficiency of graduates there from ( "it's not fair -
wannnnn"). I had the great fortune of having worked closely with several
well seasoned engineers and had access to their libraries. All one need do
is compare the physical size of the various text and code books from say 50
years ago to those of today to understand what Jim says. When one spends
time working with the newer texts and codes along side guys who still
reference the older texts, he/she gets a more focused sense of what
engineering is. How can you teach this? Grad-school was just more theory. I
would have been better of in the office.

Michel Blangy, P.E.

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