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disastrous interview-education

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Dear Michael:


Thinking of Education vs. Office experience, there is an old saying:

            If you have only one hour to cut down a tree, spend 45 min. sharpening your axe, and the rest chopping wood.


To me this is very true.  Education is such a key.  Advanced degrees are under-rated when one is in school.  They are such a major key in Engineering Practice.

Some of the reasons are:

1.       Do you want to be assigned the really plumb jobs?

2.       Do you want the best clients to hire your firm?

3.       Do you want to be able to write opinions to present to your profession to advance the trade?

4.       Do you want to compete with the largest, most well known engineering firms?


If yes, then get the Masters Degree, get the PhD if you have the opportunity.


Office experience is important.  Extremely so for me.  Education is supreme.  With more education, you will be able to ‘cut trees’, so to speak, better than most.


With Joy and Hope,

Bob Freeman

Structural Designer, Architect

Integrated Design Services, Inc.

(949) 387-8500