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RE: disastrous interview-education

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Bob, I agree with you 100%.

> there is an old saying:

If you have only one hour to cut down a tree, spend 45 min. sharpening your axe, and the rest chopping wood.


My point is that the amount of material being crammed into the same 45 min. Perhaps we may need to update this saying... spend 10 min. studying geology (so that you can make your own grind stone), spend 10 min. studying dynamics (so you can understand the motion of the wheel), spend 10 min. studying metallurgy (so you know how to forge your own blade), spend 10 min. studying thermodynamics (so you know what is happening inside the blade), spend 10 min. studying environmental engineering (so you know what impact the metal shavings have on the environment), spend 5 min. studying sharpening your axe, and the rest chopping wood...opps I ran out of time.


Please excuse my sarcasm. No disrespect intended.