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Re: Disastrous Interview

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Education is certainly an interesting topic. I've seen both ends of the spectrum - and much of the middle - coming out of school, and the results are all over the place. The credit hours have been creeping up bit by bit, and several schools are considering 5 year BS programs in engineering - oddly enough, to account for the number of credit hours in non-engineering subjects. Just (just?!?) 20 years ago when I was an undergrad, engineers had the highest minimum number of credits for 4 year BS of any discipline, and since then they've added language and liberal arts classes into the core curriculum.

Unfortunately, a MS graduate isn't worth much more in an office than a BS graduate when you look at a fresh out engineer. I'm convinced you have to go play for a while before you come back for advanced degrees. Not only do you know what you really want/need in coursework, but the information means more than making sure you know what's on the next test. You also have the time to forget some of the basics, which means re-learning them from a new perspective.


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