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Code Distribution Cost (was RE: View proposed ACI 318 revisions)

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They still do. Its called a law or statute. What the government does is adapt these codes as a part of the law, but lets the profession write and defend them. That's why a legalistic language style is used, so they can be adapted as a law with no change. What's in dispute in this thread is the business model used to distribute them because of the expense to the individual members of the profession who have little say on what that business model should be.

On the business model used to develop such codes, do you really want the government to do that? The medical profession works that way (ever hear of CPT and diagnostic codes?), and look at how badly and disrespectfuly the customer's (err..patient's) pocketbook is being treated.

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From: Scott E Maxwell <smaxwell(--nospam--at)>

Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 17:06:01 -0400 (EDT)

Talk to your government. There is nothing stopping governments from writing their own codes. In fact, that is kind what used to be a long time ago...

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