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Re: SE Education

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Well that's obvious - didn't you know that they don't teach kids wood or masonry these days as undergrads (both are generally electives)? It's not like the MS helps- the programs are woefully thin - many schools have a single (maybe 2) advanced masonry classes, and no advanced wood, except in dedicated wood-science programs.

By the way, are we still blaming all this lost time and hot air on Bill?


Donald Bruckman wrote:
I once hired a brilliant kid with a master's degree and few years experience
out of school working at a large engineering firm.  I gave him a wood frame
house to design as a side job.  He came back with nice drawings, with fully
detailed connections of steel buckets and seismic connections all over the
house.  Bent plate this, welded plate that...

I sent him a Simpson catalog.
Experience counts too.


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