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Re: 'Epoxy creep' factor in Big Dig death -- oblivious

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This continues to blow me away.  Would *anyone* on this list look at that detail and say "Sure, I'd be glad to walk under 10 or 100 tons of concrete hanging from a bunch of epoxy-grouted dowels in tension"?????  Not me!

This appears to be even more obviously inadequate than the final hanger detail at the Kansas City Hyatt walkways. 

And I don't think this is just good hindsight; I think both of these examples are SO obvious that anyone with more than ten minutes of engineering experience would realize that they're completely inadequate.


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FYI, here is a link to some information on the ceiling collapse in Boston.;_ylt=Andn7WOnYmsxAvZeYPgpyk8E1vAI

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