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RE: Why?

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I am not familiar with the Clinton Library, I will have to look at that one.  The biggest advantage they have working for them is the lack of seismic requirements.  Having to allow for a good seismic vertical bounce would add another level of fun to the concept.


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Subject: Re: Why?


Doesn't seem that different from the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock.
Except that cantilever is longer.


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Actually, I saw a work up on this building and the engineering is pretty impressive.  They didn’t just cantilever beams out, each box is full story height trusses in the side walls with an interesting anchorage geometry engaging a thorough “whole building” structural system.
It may look funny, but from what I read the performance is very good and the engineering creative to say the least.
Paul Feather PE, SE

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That was a great looking picture.

Is it real?

Or fake?


If real, I wonder what will be the experience those at the extreme ends of the cantilever when there are mild seismic tremors or under the action of strong winds.


Even if  a few of us go to the roof and practice jogging, will the glass in the window frames rattle?


Occupants in this building  must have been given lessons in bravery and taught to dismiss deflections and vibrations with contempt and even been persuaded to actually enjoy them.


This picture is going to create a lot of problems for engineers who battle technologists (while designing Industrial buildings) and architects.

We, structural engineers, are notorious for making unreasonable demands for space for supports like ugly columns, braces, etc when they are not really necessary as this picturre clearly proves.


Now any amount of cantilevering is okay!!

You can't design it with such an alarming cantilever?

Okay, make way for those who can!!




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