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Re: 'Epoxy creep' factor in Big Dig death

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If the issue is epoxy creep, then this could apply to any epoxy anchor out there in tension. These anchors had only been in place a year or two. if I am not mistaken. I still think the problem is in drilling and installing the epoxy upwards. I think Newton's Law of something called gravity is against you. I recently called a manufacturer about "drop-in" anchors being used by a contractor to fasten window framing to balcony ceilings and the manufacturer's rep said no they weren't suitable for that case, but their literature didn't say any such thing.

Josh Plummer wrote:
Well, the question I have is who's anchors were used? And, what do the engineering reports say about the use of those anchors in constant tension? Here in seismic country Epoxy anchor perform much better than equivalent mechanical anchors. If my memory is good, I believe that many of the engineering reports on mechanical anchors have limitations on them not being suitable for cyclic loading (like you might get in highway projects). What I'm getting at is that if the engineering reports and all the manufacturer's literature say that it's okay to use those fasteners for that type of project, then why is it the engineers fault? Doesn't seem criminal at all to me.... Especially when so many of the other fastener limitations are so well documented. I'll grant you that for a project this big he (or she) probaly should have inquired about the type of testing and the duration of testing that was performed. But, if the manufacturer is swearing up and down on a stack of bibles that they've tested for these cases, then I'd be fine using them for those situations. Sincerely, Josh Plummer, SE

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Essentially, the engineers used glue to hold 12 tons of concrete in the air. Seems almost criminal.


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*Subject:* 'Epoxy creep' factor in Big Dig death

FYI, here is a link to some information on the ceiling collapse in Boston.;_ylt=Andn7WOnYmsxAvZeYPgpyk8E1vAI


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