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RE: Wood interior wall studs

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In the IBC the 5 psf is a live load.  That would mean you could not use a 1.6
load duration factor.

Also when it is a rated wall the studs are supposed to use F'c*.78 and check
with a minimum Le/d of 33.  

There are a lot of things a lot of people don't check.  Don't let that deter
you from the moral high road.

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Subject: Wood interior wall studs

Hello all:
I just want to get some feedback from other engineers about designing
interior load-bearing wood wall studs.  When designing the walls, I normally
check two load combinations: 
1)    DL + LL +LLr
2)    DL +0.75LL + 0.75LLr + 0.75W (with W = 5.0 psf interior horizontal
partition load; I typically use a Cd=1.0 if I am just supporting floor live
and dead load.  And a Cd=1.15 when carrying roof loads in addition to the
floor live and dead loads.  I think the use of Cd=1.6 seems less conservative
when you are dealing with large axial loads, particularly in a multi-story
A contractor is battling me over some stud sizes b/c the stud height is about
10'-0" and for 2x4's once you add the horizontal loading, in the second
combination above, it significantly reduces the axial capacity.  His engineer
doesn't check the second loading listed above.
I just want to get some other people's opinion on what they check in your own
Andrew Heigley, PE

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