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STEEL FAB: QA/QC Procedures

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Has anyone got any sort of information about reasonable and necessary requirements for Quality Assurance for steel fabrication?

I've got a "mandated" steel fab shop I'm having to deal with that does not have an AISC Certified Quality Management System. (It's like that Hertz commercial where "it's Hertz, or 'not exactly'").

Please spare me the "forget it, use an AISC Certified shop" comments. If I had the power, I'd do that (and give myself a 15% raise too, while I'm thinking about it). But the job WILL go forward with this fabricator, and so I have to figure out what the **** to require in order to meet some semblance of QA.

FWIW, my client is the erector as well as the GC for this project.

Any WORTHWHILE comments will be much appreciated.

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