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RE: Wood interior wall studs

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Thanks for your responses…


Here are my responses to some of your questions back:


  • I would design for LL and LLr if the wall were supporting both the floor and roof loads.


  • I am designing to ASD.


  • I guess I’m a little leary of using the Cd of 1.6 for this reason.  The duration factor is applied to both bending and axial capacities.  Applying 60% more to the allowable axial stress makes a huge difference.  And if you have a 4 story building, for example, you are going to be approaching the capacity of the stud just due to DL and LL…  you then add a “little bit” of short term horizontal loading to the stud and increase the capacities by 60% seems non-conservative.


  • Scott:  I haven’t found the rated wall design reduction factors you’ve mentioned.  Can you tell me the code section that is in?


  • 10’-0” high 2x4’s… exactly why I initially called for 2x6 stud walls, but the GC is flipping out about it… I get the old, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and never had to do this before”…



Andrew Heigley, PE