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RE: Wood interior wall studs

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Title: Re: Wood interior wall studs

I always thought the 5 psf was supposed to try to account for the various added moments that occur with applied stuff; cabinets, equipment, fixtures, book shelving, etc. that are hung off (potentially) just one side of the wall.  If so, that stuff could easily sit on the wall for 10 years and that would be considered an “L” load as the UBC suggests.

The 5psf should be at a Cd of 1.6.  Why? Unless I have an intentionally pressurized room (which is not the case here), there is no possible way that common construction techniques can _maintain_ that kind of pressure differential over an extended period of time, and if you have a constant load (say, a commercial kitchen with doors that seal tight...right...) making the pressure differential then the HVAC engineer should already be providing makeup air in that area.  The building code can call it a "live" load all it wants, but the actual duration of load will never reach 10 years in the 50 year design life of the building.