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Re: STEEL FAB: QA/QC Procedures

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Paul Blomberg wrote:
I'd start by visiting the AISC web site and look through their requirements for a fab shop to be certified.  
Yeah, I'm way ahead of you. The problem is that the AISC document is really a comprehensive outline of how to set up an complete "Quality Management System" for your fab shop. It's not really a "procedure" or "specification" stating precisely what the minimum QA/QC requirements are.

For example, if you want to figure out what percentage of connections or assemblies to directly inspect, you won't find it there. Instead, you'll find a "requirement" that such frequency of sampling be clearly stated. It leaves it up to the fabricator what that should be, etc.

This is NOT my area of expertise so I'm at a huge disadvantage.

The other respondent who mentioned the AWS D1.1 criteria is on the right track as well, but still there are too many "decisions" to be made which I don't think I can do on the part of the fabricator. I may just have to punt this time around, and make this a long-term objective, to make sure that either AISC Certification is non-waiverable, or set forth our own alternative requirements.

Ironically, my client is also in the fabrication business--this is an outsourcing situation because of limited internal shop capacity--but I'll be darned if I can identify any internal QA/QC written requirements!

BIG problem.
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