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Re: FW: Enercalc, again

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Thanks for the clarification and for the information regarding the forthcoming update.

I have also received your email addressed to my company ID.


Michael Brooks <michaelbrooks(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Hi (again) Rajendran,

Also wanted to say that I do not monitor the "SEAINT" list. I receive it in
"Digest" form daily
......but in reality I rarely have time to review it. It is best to contact
us directly via email.

Because the SEAOC list is not in a "newgroup" type of tree structured format
it is
time consuming to scan topics and responses to those topics in a well
defined way
(see Outlook's "News" for the typical way of publishing discussion groups).

In the forthcoming Version 6 of our product we have a built in "ENERCALC
Community" system
in Outlook News layout so that the entire user base can interact with us and
each other in a
Section/Subject/Responses type of layout.

Again, PLEASE contact me directly at support(--nospam--at) with any

Thank you,


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