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Maximum Moments in Beams

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I am currently revising the structure of the floor of a building to make sure that the old beams will manage to carry an increase in dead load of about 7/5 of the current load. I calculated the new maximum moments and compared them to the maximum moments allowed by the beam (Using my 13th edition AISC steel construction manual).
I am getting maximum moments of about 8 kip-ft and according to the manual these beams (12 B 16.5 which are supposed to be W12x16) should resist moments up to 75.4 kip-ft. This is a noticeable difference which makes me thing that either the beam highly safe or the calculations wrong. I haven't considered safety factors yet, but even then, the safety factor would be too high. The floor is the top floor and practically only carries the weight of a reactor (around 13kips) and unfortunately the only plans are the layouts of the beams.
Does this difference in maximum moments sound right?
Mauricio Castro
Civil Engineering Student

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