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RE: masonry development length equations

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Your best bet off hand would be to look at the recent versions of the ACI 530.  If you don't have previous versions, I might find sometime to summarize the iterations (I don't have them memorized).  As to the near future, the 530-08 revision were just out for public comment.  I could potentially dig them up as well if you did not take a look at them when I let the list know about the public comment period.  Other than that, you would need to attend the MSJC/530 committee meetings or know someone who does.  The 2011 cycle is about to get started.
Adrian, MI
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Subject: masonry development length equations

Where can I find information on the recent history and near future of the ACI development length equations for masonry reinforcement?

The Florida Building Code references ACI 530-05 equation 3-15 for strength design but for allowable stress design they have replaced ACI 530-05 equation 2-9 with ld=0.002*db*fs.



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