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Re: Jing

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what does online media hosting mean?

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I feel like a happy child who has just been gifted a new toy.

I happened upon Jing this morning.

Capture any rectangular portion of the screen (not the whole sreen which
you get from Shift Prnt Screen)  from any web page you are reading, or any
application you are working on and save it as a png file, email it  to
anyone or share it online.

Make a video file of all your screen operations to illustrate some software
tool and save it as in  SWF format and email or share it on line. Trainers
will find this a great tool.

It's so simple that even a dummy like me learned to get going in minutes.
You will need Windows XP or Vista or Mac OS.
The software is just about 4.4 MB but you need to have  Microsoft. NET  (28
MB) which can also be downloaded by the Jing Installer.

Check out this link.

The software is from the same people who marketed Snagit.

I tried it out.
It's free.
It's great.
It's useful.
I coudn't control the urge to share it with all of you.


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