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Invitation to meet (location specific: Toronto/GTA)

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Dear SEAINT list readers,

On August 10 to 21, I will be visiting Toronto in order to report a
paper on SMiRT-19 Conference (Structural Mechanics in Reactor
Technology). I would be delighted to use this opportunity to establish
professional and personal contacts with colleagues and networkers in
and around Toronto.

The obvious fact that the engineering practice differs greatly in our
locations could also be a source of knowledge sharing thus improving
our professional expertise. So, if you are interested in a talk on
computer-aided development (CAD) and CAD management in small to medium
teams, CAE, structural analysis, FEM, drafting, or research in civil
engineering field (I also conduct a research on uncertainty analysis
for structures), we can meet and have a discussion.

A short bio:
I am CAD manager at Nuclear Engineering
Research Lab and PhD student at PSACE in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Our
team provides technical
condition assessment for nuclear constructions, design and analysis of
industrial structures, and consultations in civil/structural
engineering field as well as regulatory documents development (ageing
management etc.) for regulating authorities. I have been reading
SEAINT list for some time and even managed to write some replies.

Since I am actively searching for international experience for my
team, there is also a possibility to offshore parts of your design/
drafting work free of charge using 'person-to-person' offshoring. I
think it could really be a win-win cooperation as you could spare your
worktime and get a reliable partner.

*Finally, if you do not belong to engineering field but would like to
have a discussion or establish a contact, I encourage you to contact

Sincerely, Alex.

Alexander Bausk
CAD manager, structural engineer at
Nuclear Engineering & Research Lab
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
+38 068 407 96 92
fax +38 0562 47 02 63

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