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Re: Interior Wall Loading

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Title: Interior Wall Loading
Yes ..I did say that didn't I? The typical small/medium opening buildings can use 5 psf very reasonably for interior wall pressures, however, the larger openings will yield greater pressures if the openings blow out. With those walls it is more reasonable just to design them as exterior walls.
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Subject: Re: Interior Wall Loading

If that happened, wouldn't you then have a partially enclosed building, requiring a new analysis of the system with higher interior stagnation pressures? Just playing devil's advocate. I've only done an analysis like that once where we had a glass wall and a second, two story cold formed wall which separated that glass "atrium" from a conference facility.

Dave Handy wrote:
We were just having this conversation yesterday for interior steel stud partition design loading. If "typically sized" windows and/or doors blow out the area of the incoming pressure would get spread out over a much larger interior wall/ceiling/floor surface..thus the internal pressure of 5 psf is reasonable.  If you are dealing with a partition wall directly behind a wall of continuous overhead doors or other similar building with very large openings then I think it would be reasonable to increase the loading to account for increased pressures.
Dave Handy, P.Eng.

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