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So many of us fail to make use of some great freebies available on the net.
I talked about Jing yesterday.
Today, I used Zamzar for the first time.
I had heard about it before and made a note for possible future use and today, I was forced to give it a try.
I received a  file with a .docx  extension.
This is an MS Word document file saved with the latest Office 2007.
I don't have Office 2007 and I needed to view it.
I tried Zamzar and it worked like a charm.
No hassles, and it was all over in a minute.
No software to install, no registration, no fuss.
The software is a free online service to convert files into any of the popular formats.
The software presently converts to the following:
Image formats:
bmp, gif, ico, jpg, pcx, tga png, tiff, wbmp, wmf
Documment formats:
csv, doc, docx, html, odp, ods, odt, pcx, pdf, ppt, ps, rtf, txt, wpd, wps, xls, xml
Music formats:
aac, ac3, flac, m4a, mmf, mp3, ogg, ra, ram, wav, ma
Video formats:
3gp, avi, flv, gvi, iphone, ipod, agp, wmi, m4v, mov, mp4, mpp, ogg, rm, rmvb, vob, wmv
Go to
There there four  boxes.
In the first you browse and point to the file name on your hard disk you want converted.
In the second you pick from a drop down list, the file type you want to convert to.
In the third you supply your email address.
Click the fourth box named Convert.
Unless the file is very large, in about a minute or two you should receive an email notification supplying you a link.
Click on it and download the converted file.
That's all there is to it.
I also understand you can supply a Youtube url link and get Zamzar to download it for you from the Youtube server, in the video format of your choice and send you an email notification giving the the link to download it to your computer. For this you need to go to  I will test this later. Currently I am using YouRipper to do this but it downloads only in flv format.
Useless and unnecessary hint :
Read only if idle with nothing better to do.
(While giving your email address, you are better off avoiding your primary e mail address.I suppose all of you have an alternative email address which I call my "Spam address" where I receive all the fascinating new notifications of my being declared the winner of fabulous lottery prizes, and information about the latest pills and potions,  creams and dreams promising enhanced pleasure and  satisfaction, and guaranteeing to add generous extra inches to hidden and unmentionable parts of the male anatomy. I also use this to receive mails from the desks of Lawyers and Estate Managers representing innocent and friendly Nigerians generously offering me 20 percent of the enormous but inaccessible funds stashed away secretly in various banks and their disarming willingness to trust me to cooperate with them in getting the funds released even though they don't know me from Adam. Are they reading this list by the way? How else do they know I am really a nice sort who won't ditch them and also not the greedy sort and who will be satisfied with a mere 20 percent of the pickings?)


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