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PCA Mats Software

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Title: PCA Mats Software

I used to have access to PCA Mats at another company and found it EXTREMELY simple and user friendly. It was a pretty old version, and I have no idea how or if the current version might differ. Its very functional for simple jobs.  The number of load cases and combinations were limited, and I dont know how up to date their design algorithms are. I thought the software was useful but a bit on the primitive sidewhich is not always a bad thing. Output was not very jazzy on the older version.

I have also used CSIs SAFE, which is also a good piece of mat modeling/design software, but more complicated and with a lot more features and more versatility in the design process. The nice thing about both of these programs is that they automatically create compression-only soil springs for you, but the number and spacing of the springs is all under the hood so it isnt entirely clear how fine the actual analysis mesh is. They both generate required steel areas. My recollection of both of these programs was that they only told you about punching shear at concentrated load locations, and you were on your own to figure out what was going on with one-way shear in the mat. The only way I have ever figured out how to get that information was to set up a regular finite element model with my own soil springs using general modeling software, which is a pain in the butt. The other nice thing about SAFE is that you can use it for elevated slabs as well. I never used it for that, and I dont recollect whether or not it was useful for anything but gravity loading. I do my elevated slab jobs by hand, because there is almost always some lateral load moment you have to consider at the columns.

In terms of what they do for the money, I think SAFE offers more, but I got along just fine for years with PCA Mats. CSI makes great software, but I found it took longer to learn how to run. A chimpanzee could run PCA Mats.

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