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Redundancy R-factor and new math

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I was looking at some APA test of plywood shearwalls see that the saftey factors ar for 2.8 to 3.5 for the testing to the ultimate load capacity. Then I looked at my enercal software that fits with the 2003 IRC and now plywood shearwall get a R of 6.0 where the 2001 california building code (1997 UBC) gives them a R of 5.5. the Redundany value reduces the earthquake forces based on the type of system to be used.(Iknow the R is made by comittee not by "science") While we use the chosen system at with a safety factor applied to the ultimate load capacity of that system. I know we design to a code that is for life safety and looks to design for the big one at the "near colapse level" . is the difference in the R=5.5 and the 2.8 to 3.5 safety factor made up in reducing the building peroid thru damage so then the force on the building is less? If I am to design an addition to a fire station then the importance factor makes sure that everything remains elastic thus no damage and the facility remains operational?

Tim Rudolph
Pinyon Engineering
Bishop CA

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