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RE: Out of Plane shearwall Loading

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Once I reviewed a project which had 16 feet tall 2x4 @ 16" o.c. exterior stud walls with high axial loading. After my comments, the engineer redesigned them using 2x8 @ 16 studs.

If you have tall exterior walls, those walls are subject to out-of-plane wind forces. With brick veneer they will have the o-o-p sesimic forces also. I've often seen that the tall walls overlooked by engineers.

Casey (Khashayar) Hemmatyar

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Subject: Out of Plane shearwall Loading


I got a plan check correction on a 2 story residence asking me to design shearwalls for in plane as well as "out of plane" loading. In plane loading is obvious but what about out of plane loading? Has anyone else recieved this question before?