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Re: Out of Plane shearwall Loading

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In the UBC, you have to design your studs for out-of-plane loads to Section 1622 - Elements and Components of Structures,   In ASCE 7-05, it is section, Components and cladding.

You check for deflection of the studs and whether they are compatible with the exterior finish material.  If it is 3-coat stucco this would be L/360.   If it is 1-coat stucco, you should be reviewing the particular ICBO report for the system being used.   You should also be checking for the vertical load and the wind load together.

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At 08:37 AM 7/27/2007, you wrote:
I got a plan check correction on a 2 story residence asking me to design shearwalls for in plane as well as "out of plane" loading. In plane loading is obvious but what about out of plane loading? Has anyone else recieved this question before?