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RE: ACI Minimum AB Spacing

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See ACI 318-05, Appendix D, Section D.8.  Good practice would still
dictate consideration of concrete consolidation - rebar spacing
limitations would provide reasonable minimum spacings. 

Bill Sherman

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Subject: RE: ACI Minimum AB Spacing

Not that I am aware of.  It would just be rebar spacing type
requirements (i.e. requirements to insure concrete around the anchor rod
and nut/head).

The possible exception is something in Appendix D.  I have not really
"played" too much with Appendix D, I am don't know if there is any thing
in there.  If I get a chance, maybe I will take a looksie.

Adrian, MI

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Subject: ACI Minimum AB Spacing

Is there a minimum spacing for anchor bolts besides what's required to
concrete to flow around the head and body of the bolt per ACI?



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