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Re: Deflection of Wood Studs for Brick

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Why not stick with L/72, like the residential code allows? Based on table R602.3.1, you can use a 2x4 s.pine stud for walls up to 12' tall in 100 mph, exposure C, with building heights exceeding 25' (C&C, zone 4, EWA=50, 17.6psf with lambda=1.35)? That, of course, presumes that a contractor and AHJ knows what an E=1.6x10^6 even means, and doesn't substitute Hem-Fir or SPF.

Yes, I'm in a bad mood this Monday.


Mark Deardorff wrote:
I would stick with L/600. What difference whether it is wood or steel would
it make? The L/600 is based on the need to maintain integrity of the veneer.

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