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Re: Deflection of Wood Studs for Brick

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I believe that part of the problem with establishing
deflection criteria for masonry on metal studs has to
do with the way we specify deflection criteria.

When I see deflection criteria specified in terms of
L/X I wonder why they are limiting the slope of the
beam at the support.  If you look at the equations for
deflection and compare it to deflection criteria in
the form of L/X it is clear that all beams with L/360
have the same slope at the support.

If you are interested in controlling the natural
frequency you should specify deflection criteria in
inches. Similarly if you are interested in limiting
the curvature in your beam you should specify
deflection criteria in terms of L^2/X.

What we need to do is to decide what we need to limit
and then specify criteria that controls that
parameter. Until we find a rational way to specify
criteria we will have difficulties whenever our spans
are significantly different from those tested in
establishing the criteria.

The next time you are checking beam deflections ask
yourself why you are controlling the slope of the beam
at the support.

Mark Gilligan

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