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RE: Expansion / control joint

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We will often either show expansion joint locations on the plans or in a typical detail that calls out a specific spacing.  The Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada provides excellent guidelines for the location and spacing of joints in their “Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures” and they also have an issue of “Masonry Chronicles” dealing with the subject.  The “Masonry Chronicles” issue can be found online here:




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Subject: Expansion / control joint


I recieved a plan check on a cmu retaining wall that I designed asking to provide a detail for rebar placement for expansion joints. I realize that on long walls expansion joints should be used, but as far as specifying them on structural drawings, shouldn't that be the job of the mason? I looked in the UBC and I couldn't find any info about this. Has anyone come across this before?




Erik Gibbs