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Re: Notched Beam

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sounds like you may simply add a top flange hanger to the side of the beam, depending on the load a HUCTF (or similar) will fit under the beam and onto the top flange. I dont have my catalog in front of me, verify no face nailing required on the huctf. Depending on the load distribution, the top and bottom of the beam will both be in bearing, and depending on the notch length from the face of the hanger, all the load may be justified as taken by the hanger.
If you cant locate an appropriate simpson product, welding a custom hanger to the beam sounds like it would be more cost effective than replacing the beam.

IRV FRUCHTMAN <ifaeng(--nospam--at)> wrote:
Dear Fellow Engineers,
On an ongoing renovation project I observed the
following framing detail:

A 12? deep PSL beam is supported by a W12-72 I-beam,
with the top of the PSL some 7? above the top of the
I-beam. The builder notched the end of the PSL to
?fit? past the top flange (plus 2by nailer) and extend
to the web of the I-beam. The notch is about 7? from
the top of the PSL and 2? wide and 6? long. The bottom
of the PSL is blocked to the bottom flange.

I calculate that PSL shear stress is about twice the
allowed by assuming the notch extends to the bottom of
the beam.

Before I advise the owner to replace the PSLs (there
are 4) am I missing something or is there is a way to
reinforce them?


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