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RetainPro Calcs

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I may have to send an email to RetainPro, but I thought that I would send a quick one to the list for now.  I am looking at a concrete basement wall that the owner wants to be 6" thick.  The wall is 9' tall and supported laterally at the top and at the bottom.  For these preliminary calcs I am using a 55 pcf soil pressure.  What I see in Retain pro is when I am checking the stem design with #5 @ 6" o.c. at the mid height and at mid thickness it tells me that the section is overstressed "Mu>PhiMn".  If I increase the bar spacing to 6.5" it then says the section is adequate.  Hand calcs would confirm that #5 @ 6" o.c. is O.K.

Can anyone tell me what's up?