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RE: flagpole foundation

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Try Brom's method which I believe limits the lateral capacity of piles based on moment capacity of the pile, and also considers cohesion of clay soil. If the moment capacity is low, plastic hinge will form near the surface, and implies the length of pile below a certain depth just useless. This method also gives you the maximum moment in piles.
Another method is DM-7.2 from Navy Manual. If you take a look at the moment (or deflection) vs depth curves, most of the action happens at a certain depth from the top.
Suresh Acharya, S.E.
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Subject: flagpole foundation

does the flagpole foundation formula for non constrained conditions (1997 ubc, 1806.8.2.1, eq. 6-1) have a limiting conditions regarding loading or embedment?  does this apply fro high loadings resulting in deep embedments?  i have a condition with a 170K load at 4' above the ground surface resulting in 46' embedment. 
thanks- paul franceschi

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