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RE: cutting a window into concrete block wall

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IMO, addinbg a steel frame around the new opening does nothing at all structurally. If the remaining wall can take current code seismic loads for "in-plane" loading, then what I do is check to make sure the remaining masonry above the opening can be used as a header, and then add full-height steel tube girts at each side of the opening and epoxied or thru-bolted to the CMU, (to take the place of the jamb steel that isn't there). The steel tube girts are designed for the out-of-plane froces based on the current code.

Hope this helps.

Larry Hauer, S.E.

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Subject: cutting a window into concrete block wall
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2007 10:08:50 -0700

I have a client that wants to install a window in an existing block wall. what is the best way to install reinforcing steel around the opening. I have called out for a steel frame around the window and drilled 24" all thread epoxy anchors around where the code asks for extra steel. is there a reference book for this out there or any suggestions. This is in a 1974 era building -soild grouted and minimal steel -wood roof and 2nd floor - in seismic zone 4 - I am checking that I have enough shear wall.

Tim Rudolph
Pinyon Engineering
Bishop CA

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